{just a letter from a stupid fangirl.}

that day,
while the other rich fangirls
were having fun at oppars' concert.
me, with the other not so rich fangirls,
were at home,
watching the tv, crying
wishing to meet oppars.

"How nice would it be if i was richer?"
that question keep running on my mind.
don't know what to do,
stupid tears keep on flowing down.
like a waterfall.

but gwechana.
it's okay to not having the
chance to meet you.
because we know that oppars know,
that no matter where we,
the so not rich fangirls are,
we'll always be there,
supporting for oppars.
till the end of the world,

p/s: you may call me a crazy person, i just don't care anymore. sasaeng fans, stop hurting them, please.

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