{Random post}

Yah hi, 
It has been ages since the last time I updated my blog. I've been so busy with my life that makes me feel so lazy to update this blog. So yeah, it's already February 3rd, 2013. I should've update my blog on January 1, but I didn't, cause I'm a lazyass. ToT
Uhm yeah, life has been so great so far. School. All the teachers who's teaching my class gave us{me & my classmates} a lot of homeworks.... maybe it's because we'll be sitting the PMR this year. Uh, I wish nothing else except getting straight As in PMR. Wish me luck. 
Yknow what, lately, watching Running Man has become an addiction to me. I love Running Man so much & I just don't know why. At first, I used to like Lee Kwang-soo but after watched many eps. of RM, I started to love Kang Garie & hated LKS cause he love to betray the other members. Ugh. Wattafuk's wrong with me, I just don't know. >:(
Soooooo, I don't know what to say anymore. It's already 7AM & haven't sleep yet HAHAH & now, I feel like taking a nap. I think it's enough for today, till we meet again. 


p/s: MN, I miss you so much. I want to give you a call, but I'm afraid that I would be a bother so yeah, no. I'm so sorry for all my mistakes. 

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