I often ask myself what would it be if I were born as somebody else's daughter, would it be better if I were born as another living thing and not a human....I stopped when I realized that there's somebody out there who's wishing to live my life. I love you, mummy. You're annoying sometimes but without you, I would never exist. 

Been awhile since I post anything here. Miss me yes, miss me not? Yeap, it's already the last month of 2015. I've just recently celebrated my 17th birthday, finished school and my Prince Charming's gone, forever. 

I've been so busy, now that I've finished school I might still be so busy finding myself a job. Papers were hard that I can say that I give up my ambition to be a doctor and study either law or TESL. 

There isn't so many things I've accomplished in 2015; despite the fact that I survived after long years of going to hell- kidding, I'm starting to miss my school, my friends & teachers. 

2015 was the best and the rough year. Aye aye, 2016, please be better. 

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